At the edge of AI and discovery

Nearly everyone is chatting about (or with) AI now. Yet we’ve been part of the conversation long before the ascent of generative AI, demystifying AI/ML solutions for the press, investors, boards, and the wider public. AI solutions have long been at the heart of bringing sci-fi to life; from breaking down the nuances between AI and ML to helping others make sense of generative AI, we know how to turn these complexities into a narrative that inspires.


We’ve helped large companies evangelize their engineering wins, and startups communicate the value of new AI solutions across enterprise verticals. For Petuum, it meant building a thought leadership presence that resulted in media wins and a stronger recruitment pipeline.


A long history of working with AI pioneers

With Anaconda, we amplified the company’s State of Data Science report as a source of expertise for issues with the AI, ML, data science, and open source community.

No matter the client, the formula is the same – work as an extension of a team to understand the unique needs and create customized communication strategies that define the public message.


A targeted approach

Building awareness is happening in a crowded field –  formulating a content strategy, attracting earned media coverage, and elevating your executives all require a multi-layered strategy from a deep bench of experts. Our team is ready to craft a bespoke strategy that aligns with your goals.

We’ve entered a new era where soon, everyone will be working alongside AI. Getting noticed takes more than just showing a product – it requires drilling down to what’s the difference maker and convincing experts, the press, and the masses why it matters.