Elevating Defense Innovations

Born in the early 20th century as a hub for U.S. military research and development, Silicon Valley came of age as a critical player in the defense sector. The region has returned to these roots in recent years, delivering solutions that meet space, aviation, and tactical response challenges of the 21st century.

Defense and aerospace technology has now entered the hype cycle: investors are backing companies at a high pace, but success requires navigating a complex government procurement process. The time needed to meet with and secure buy-in from government officials, members of Congress, and key stakeholders soaks up the bandwidth of even well-funded companies.

Once the hurdles are met, it’s time to take the ideas to market rapidly. You need a team that understands the media, the market, and how to get the attention of journalists with a very high bar for what’s worthy of coverage in this space.

Our work with companies like Airbus, Air Space Intelligence, Impulse Space, Orbital Insight, and others informs how we position aerospace and defense tech companies for a fast-moving market. Your team can focus on making your product great; we handle media strategy, marketing plans, and telling customer stories that set you apart.