Pioneering AI Clarity


When ChatGPT shattered the market, the Bulleit Group and Vectara realized the Generative AI story needed expert perspectives that only Vectara’s own technologists and AI scientists could provide. Together, the team leveraged this unique depth of expertise to build relationships with top journalists and industry voices, helping establish Vectara as both a leading LLM product platform and an industry advocate promoting AI accuracy and trustworthiness.

The Challenge

Vectara launched in October 2022 with a mission to transform how we find meaning through data, starting with AI-powered semantic search. Vectara heralded an entirely new paradigm in human-computer interaction. Then came ChatGPT. 

Almost overnight, Generative AI platforms like Vectara and ChatGPT went from frontier technology to millions of daily users. But would-be adopters faced a suddenly crowded market of flash-in-the-pan startups. Organizations (and journalists playing catch up) needed a trusted partner to cut through the noise and separate hype from real-world use cases.

The Formula

The Bulleit Group began working with Vectara before their launch, witnessing the GenAI revolution unfold in real time. As chatbots captured the public’s imagination—and anxieties—we realized Vectara’s messaging and media strategy needed to evolve. 

Rather than raise awareness of large language models (LLMs) and their capabilities, the team pivoted toward elevating the company as an LLM builder in its own right and its spokespeople as authoritative resources on the fast-moving world of GenAI and critical risks like hallucinations. To amplify these efforts, The Bulleit Group supported Vectara’s reach on LinkedIn and X by creatively promoting and repurposing Vectara’s growing library of educational resources for both developers and broader audiences.

The Results

Through this strategy, Bulleit Group helped bolster existing relationships and secure new interviews and coverage in leading tech publications on news developments and the company’s funding rounds. In turn, these engagements helped garner top-tier industry coverage, including exclusives in TechCrunch and VentureBeat on Vectara’s hallucination-combatting Grounded Generation feature and Boomerang embedding model releases.

The pace of positive coverage sparked further media momentum, laddering up to a feature story in The New York Times on the company’s landmark initiative to measure and mitigate AI hallucinations. Tying into high-profile debates on AI risks and regulation, the announcement generated a new surge in reporter interest that produced more media wins and social conversations, positioning the company as a uniquely trustworthy platform for harnessing the power of GenAI while mitigating the risks.