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Orro is a home lighting system that automatically turns the lights on when you enter the room and off after you leave. By fusing data from an array of sensors (not cameras), the Orro Switch creates a complete and coherent picture of when, where, and how you use light in your home. Orro automatically adjusts lighting levels to fit with users’ natural rhythms, creating seamless lighting experiences.

The Challenge

Orro approached us to launch out of stealth and begin raising awareness around its first product. The company wanted to stand out in the crowded smart home device market.

The Formula

Ahead of launch, we targeted tech reporters at top-tier publications and offered them the opportunity to review the Switch and experience truly responsive lighting in their own homes. Thanks to several rave reviews, Orro began to receive a steady stream of inbound requests from other publications to try the device. 

Following the launch, we continued to engage in thought leadership and pitched Orro’s spokespeople to relevant podcasts, blogs, and trade publications. Despite a lack of imminent announcements, Orro maintained media presence through industry commentary and stirred up interest in future versions of the Switch.

The Results

Following the Switch’s launch, we secured 20 pieces of coverage across trade IoT and consumer electronic publications. 

articles our first week
podcasts & videos

“Orro founder and CEO Colin Billings told Digital Trends he founded Orro when he began having problems sleeping and discovered the significant effect light has on sleep quality.

Natural light changes during the day and humans have been living with artificial light for a relatively short period of total human existence. By accounting for and adjusting our lighting to natural light cycles in our daily lives we can improve our sleep, Billings says.”


“There are a few different wifi-enabled lighting systems available now, but Orro’s is the first that aims to use self-learning technology to understand how you like to light your home and anticipate your mood lighting needs in advance.

As well as sensing when people enter or leave a room, it comes to understand your lighting preferences and how they change according to the time of day, as well as the natural light entering the room. It can also connect to smart hubs such as Amazon’s Alexa, and act as an extension to their voice recognition capabilities.”

“Orro Switch is a powerful smart switch that combines the controls of a connected hub with motion and sound sensors, as well as artificial intelligence, to offer personalized lighting in your home. It applies machine learning. customizing lighting to help make a home smarter.”