We are journalists, politicos, athletes, social scientists, and teachers, all turned master storytellers.

The Bulleit Group was founded in 2014 by Kyle Arteaga and Alex Hunter over a glass of Bulleit Bourbon (no relation).

  • “We know the importance of choosing the right partners. So when it came to telling the Orbital Insight story we chose The Bulleit Group. They understood our goals and built the program around that. As a result, we’ve been flooded with requests from prospective customers, partners and investors.”

    James Crawford, CEO Orbital Insight
  • “The Bulleit Group takes the view that media attention is the byproduct of a great narrative — an axiom that’s often overlooked in the publicity frenzy of tech PR.”

    The Holmes Report
  • “I wasn’t entirely convinced I needed a PR firm, but Bulleit convinced me and I’m beyond thrilled I decided to work with them. The high level of senior team involvement, willingness to dig in and get their hands dirty and ability to simply get things done are unparalleled and have helped raise the Flexport brand tremendously.”

    Ryan Petersen, Flexport CEO
  • “When providing examples of its work, furthermore, Bulleit manages to circle the outcome back to an actual business objectives like stock price, business and partnership leads generated and sales goals.”

    The Holmes Report
  • “They introduced me to almost every aspect of their jobs, from press briefings to pitches to awards and speaking. No matter what company or assignment they were working on, each person used a combination of industry knowledge, creative thinking, and collaborative work to do their jobs.”

    Julia Selker, Reed Winter Externship


Kyle Arteaga
Managing Director and Founder
A porridge-eating, directionally-challenged news junkie, Kyle used to chase crop footage and hobo graffiti for a living. Now, he helps companies tell their most captivating stories.

Alex Hunter
Managing Director and Founder

Alex spends his time on the company’s image, management, and operations as well as encouraging and motivating employees via esoteric Arrested Development gifs.

Shelley Risk
Sr. Vice President, General Manager

A driven, skilled PR professional with a proven ability to develop and execute communications strategy.

Leslie Green
Senior Vice President

You might find Leslie fighting for equal rights or wrangling a massive spreadsheet. Either way she is known for dogged determination and her data-driven philosophies.

Paul Day
Vice President

When he’s not singing at his desk or swivel chair dancing, Paul is working with his clients on finding the best global speaking opportunities to share their innovation.

Kelly Mayes
Vice President

When she’s not guiding the Nashville office to new heights, Kelly is often spotted chasing her two beautiful, beguiling children in the indefensible Southern heat.

Ian Martorana

Seasoned communications professional with experience in strategic and crisis communications and brand management.



The Bulleit Group has been nominated for Tech Agency of the Year for four years running by the Holmes Report. This year, we are proud to accept the title.

Our employees have been part of campaigns that have won the industry’s top awards, including United Nation’s Award, IPRA Golden World Award, CIPRA — InsidePR’s Creativity in PR Award, and the Silver Anvil from the PRSA.


  • The Holmes Report: 2019 Technology Agency of the Year — Winner
  • The Holmes Report: 2019 In2 SABRE Awards
    • Best In Show #2 — Winner
      • How an unknown startup went against tech favorite: Elon Musk — Thor Trucks & The Bulleit Group
      • Judges: “This was a true excellence of lean marketing and scrappy promotion that had a huge impact on the business by looking at what competitors are doing and what’s happening in the market.”
    • Lean Marketing — Winner
      • How an unknown startup went against tech favorite: Elon Musk — Thor Trucks & The Bulleit Group
    • Best New Company Launch — Winner
      • How an unknown startup went against tech favorite: Elon Musk — Thor Trucks & The Bulleit Group
    • Best in Trade Shows & Awards — Finalist
      • Driving the EV debate directly in front of Global Fleet Managers — Thor Trucks & The Bulleit Group
    • Best in Broadcast Media (Earned) — Finalist
      • Beating Tesla to the Streets — Thor Trucks & The Bulleit Group
    • Corporate/B2B — Finalist
      • Beating Tesla to the Streets — Thor Trucks & The Bulleit Group
  • The Holmes Report: 2018 In2 SABRE Awards
    • Trade Shows & Awards — Finalist
      • Awards Campaign — Orbital Insight & The Bulleit Group
    • Best in Digital/Print B2B (Earned) — Finalist
      • Storytelling with Data: Instagram vs. Snapchat — Jumpshot & The Bulleit Group
    • Best Use of Original/Commissioned Research for Engagement — Finalist
      • Whole Foods Data Post-Acquisition Announcement — Orbital Insight & The Bulleit Group
  • The Holmes Report: 2017 Boutique Agency of the Year — Finalist
  • The Holmes Report: 2017 In2 SABRE Awards
    • Best Use of Blogs — Winner
      • LinkedIn Engineering Blog — LinkedIn & The Bulleit Group
  • The Holmes Report: 2016 Technology Agency of the Year — Finalist
  • The Holmes Report: The Innovator 25 — Kyle Arteaga
  • PR News: Rising Stars 30 Under 30 — Kimberly Dreisinger
  • Hot Topics: The 100 most influential tech agency PR executives globally — Kyle Arteaga


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